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Mykonos may be Apollo’s “Island of light” by day but it is his twin sister Artemis the huntress whom inspires nighttime activities here. That this most unreserved of Greece’s islands, and the one most refreshingly non-judgmental, should be located so close to the neighboring island of Delos which houses temples a score dedicated to the more hedonistic, pleasure seeking, ancient gods seems only fitting when one considers the score and scale of Mykonos’s nightlife. It is as if Dionysus, quiet the partier himself in his time and Mykonos’ patron god , approves of this pleasure invoking island and her hedonistic pursuits and as the clock ticks past eleven the night becomes- almost- a force majeure in Mykonos’s capital. Possibilities wash up with the waves here and whether you chose to dive in or swim voyeuristically around the edges Mykonos’s dark to dawn rousing nightlife has few rivals.